vlvrd is an space adventure.


i mean, not literally. but i want it to be.


let me start over.

vlvrd is me pursuing a dream.

ever since i can remember, i’ve wanted to live in a tree house to hang out in secret when i needed a break.

that tree house eventually became an attic. a place where i could isolate myself while i figured out myself. i hated that attic.

then, it became a spaceship. i wanted to connect with what seemed alien to me.

i felt like i needed to build a safe world for my mind. so i built my thoughts and i then ended up fighting them. until i got some help.

i don’t know what it is now but i live here with my friends - you’re welcome to tag along if you want to.

you know, my friends and i, we help one another. we collaborate. no discrimination. ever.

if we work together, who knows? we may end up with a real spaceship someday.

that’s not the goal yet, though. we’re exploring who we are first.

what an adventure!