who am i?

i used to spend lots of nights with my back to the floor. nowadays, when i do, i like to picture myself holding a feather in the air with each breathe while gazing the night sky.

i’m working towards improving free {culture && speech} and private conversations, while butting heads with people who hate other people. i like music, videogames, reading, space stuff, hiking, DOGS, soccer, eating and traveling.


if you want to know a little bit more about me, send me an email to vlvrdv@gmail.com or read some of the articles i wrote before i started working on this site.

you can find me on twitter, i have some playlists on spotify, i’m taking my first dev.to steps (these are going slow) and trying to get automata.network up and going.

for my professional info, visit my not-well-updated linkedin page or read why you should hire me.

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why you should hire me